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Tips to take care of your garage door and openers every homeowner should know. Taking good care of your garage door is easy and must be done periodically to ensure the safety of your family members and to ensure maximum life of your garage door and opener. many of garage doors today are made up of sections ,panels that roll on a track , these are called sectional garage doors .the sectional garage door is lift by a spring system, either a torsion spring system or a stretch spring system that load up when the door is closing . step;1 with the door manually operated and closed ,lift the door about half way up (3 to 4 feet) the door should stay balanced in that position with no help. if door does not and wants to close or continue open service to the door is required .step 2 .if your doors holds position ,move it up to the open position ,your door should stay open with no help, if it does not ,service to the door is required. If your door holds itself open congratulations you have just checked for proper spring tension and the balance of your garage door.